About Us

Welcome to Texas Point Outdoors!

People often ask us, what exactly is Texas Point Outdoors?

Texas Point Outdoors is a small family owned business that began as a fun way to share our lifelong passion for the outdoors by providing unique and fun outdoor enthusiast apparel.  You'll notice that our logo and many of our apparel have an emphasis on bird hunting and bird dogs.  This is no mistake.  The inspiration behind this comes from our German Shorthaired Pointers, "Tucker" & "Riley."

Tucker is a no-nonsense jack of all trades bird dog!  Tucker will retrieve dove in Texas during dove season, point on pheasants in Kansas during the winter months, and head down to the Texas Coast to retrieve downed ducks.  Occasionally along the way he will also snag a jack rabbit, trail a deer, or come toe-to-toe with a wild hog.  He is the inspiration behind our logo.  

Riley is our aloof, jack of no trades house dog!  She barks at the sound of the vacuum, loves to cuddle, and is generally clueless about all things hunting, but we love her all the same.

Through this combined love of dogs and passion for the outdoors, we have created products that attempt to emulate this feeling.  As such, the inspiration for our designs comes from our experiences and the scenery we are fortunate enough to have captured with the lens of a camera.  

Thanks for visiting, we hope you like our products.  Please check back frequently as we strive to continue our alignment with manufactures in order to provide new and unique outdoor enthusiast apparel.


Texas Point Outdoors